My story is entitled lost and found by Octavus Roy Cohen it is all about the two characters tending toward the opposite directions.a young man picks up an eight hundred dollar bracelet.after trying in to locate who is the owner of the bracelet,the young man gives the bracelet to his fiancee named Elinor,about a month later,the young man sees a notice in the lost and found section of an out of town paper.the bracelet belongs to the woman in the Nashville who is vacationist to the town.the young insisted his fiancee Elinor that the jewelry must be returned but elinor refuses to take it back.”you give it not fair to taka it back”she shouts at him.unable to have his way the young man takes a loan,buy his fiancee a similar bracelet and returned the bracelet to his rightful owner.

After two months,the young man stopped on the jewelry store o pay its ninth payment.suddenly,a fatherly gentlemen question him,”didnt you go out of your depth”he asked,”even for an engaged men?
Its cheap for a price fifteen a week what i found out and found out in time.

and that’s the story entitled lost and found.